Karen Murphy | Planning to sell? – What is your story?
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Planning to sell? – What is your story?

Planning to sell? – What is your story?

Eighty percent of a great sales result is in the planning and preparation. Anyone can hammer a ‘For Sale’ sign in their front-yard and hope they will sell their property to a passerby, and maybe that is entirely possible. However, without optimal presentation of the property, and in the absence of planned marketing strategies to attract the best buyer for your property, you could be missing out on thousands of dollars.

If you are thinking of selling your home or investment property within the next six months, take some time now to plan, prepare and research the market.

Supply and demand will always vary and can be influenced by many factors, including the economic climate and seasons. By planning and preparing in advance, you can maximise your opportunity to achieve the best sales result for your property in any market.

The story behind the sale

There are many different reasons why properties are marketed for sale. Buyers are often curious and will ask the question “Why is the owner selling?”.

This is understandable as no-one wants to purchase a troublesome or risky property. The answer to their genuine concern is fundamental in their decision-making process, and to whether they will buy the property or not. Without a positive and direct answer, potential buyers may imagine the worst.

Some of their concerns might include:

  • The condition and general state of repair of the property.
  • What the neighbourhood and nearby residents are like.
  • Whether there are any environmental issues or future development plans that may affect the value of the property.


Providing an open and honest reason for moving or selling that inspires confidence about the property from the outset is essential to your marketing strategy. Your story for selling may be:

  • You are starting a new job interstate.
  • Your family has expanded and you need a bigger house.
  • You are now retired and would like to downsize.
  • ‘Sea Change’ or ‘Tree Change’.
  • Relationship break-up.
  • You are the executor of a deceased estate.
  • The property is surplus to your requirements.


The best course of action is to ensure that a potential buyer’s expectations are met, and they are comfortable with their decision to buy the property. It is best to be as transparent as possible with the information regarding the sale, whilst of course maintaining a level of privacy. Offering genuine reasons for moving or selling in a way that is open and assuring is more likely to put  buyers at ease and enable them to make a decision.

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