Karen Murphy | Presenting a property for sale – Staging and styling
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Presenting a property for sale – Staging and styling

Presenting a property for sale – Staging and styling

It is important that your property stands out from the competition if it is to sell quickly for top dollar. The key is to ensure the property is well prepared to be marketed and sold.

Staging, also known as property-styling, is the art of setting-up a property to look at its most appealing, by minimising any flaws and drawing attention to the property’s best attributes. Simply put, home staging is the process of presenting a property to appeal to as many buyers as possible by emphasising the positive features, and creating a ‘Wow’ factor from the moment people walk through the door.

Is the property occupied?

If you are living in the property or have tenants occupying the premises, following is a short checklist that should be explored prior to having professional marketing photographs taken, and before presenting the home for exhibitions. To expand more on these key points, please request a copy of my book “Prosperous Property” which contains a step-by-step guide about staging your property for sale.

  • Repair and maintenance of any damaged or worn fixtures
  • Internal and external painting as required
  • De-cluttering
  • Cleaning and tidying
  • Optimising space by placement of furniture
  • Accessorising
  • Fresh airflow
  • Good lighting
  • Neat and tidy gardens/landscaping


What about leaving the property empty?

There are three reasons why selling an empty property is not ideal:

1. When rooms are empty, they look smaller. Buyer’s cannot imagine their furniture fitting into the space. Have you ever stood on a concrete slab of a new home? It can look ridiculously small! An empty bedroom can leave potential buyers uncertain of what will fit in the room e.g. a queen-sized bed and bedside tables – or a single bed, desk and chest of drawers.

2. Empty rooms can baffle buyers. When there are no hints as to what the room can be used for, people may not understand the purpose of the space and may leave the property without a clear concept of the flow of the home.

3. Empty rooms lack character and create no emotion in the buyer. A void space does nothing to inspire a connection with the future owner, whereas a buyer is likely to spend an extra ten to fifteen minutes looking through a styled property.

Agents often work with property stylists and will be able to advise you on how staging can change the property—and more importantly the effect that a small investment will have on the bottom line once the property is sold.

Case study: 2 Maltby Circuit, Wanniassa – SOLD 1 April 2017 $681,000


This fantastic 4 bedroom family home in Wanniassa received a fresh paint-job and a professional clean, as well as a complete furniture and accessories package. This investment by the owners certainly paid off by creating the “Wow” factor for all that came through the property, by enhancing the wonderful character and ambience of the home. Buyers were able to get a feel for the good-sized bedrooms and living spaces, as well as the functional flow of the floor plan, and imagine themselves living in the home. This great property was only on the market for 3 weeks prior to being sold successfully at auction.

If you would like to know more about staging your property for sale, please give me a call on 0406 377 866


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